Call for the International Master in Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Medicine and Therapeutics

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For those interested, here is the announcement of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine of the University of Camerino. To download the full PDF, with the master’s program, click here. As President of CAMIG, an association composed of doctors who have obtained the International title in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetics Therapy at this University, I can only applaud the various educational offers proposed for Surgeons, Dentists, Hygienists and for the elevated scientific level, encouraging those who are oriented in such a way to register early.

Paola Mannelli

Master Abstract (download the full PDF here)

Call for the International Two-Year 2nd Level University Master in “AESTHETIC (COSMETIC) MEDICINE AND THERAPEUTICS” Academic years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

The University of Camerino,

  • GIVEN the University By-Laws, issued with the University Rector Decree No. 194 of July 30, 2012 and published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic – General Series – First Part, No. 200 of 28 August 2012;
  • GIVEN the “Regulations for the Establishment and Functioning of University Master Programs, Postgraduate Qualification and Professional Development Courses,” promulgated by the Rector Decree No. 9 of 12/11/2013;
  • GIVEN the Resolution No. 67 of 16 March 2016 of the School of Medicinal and Health Product Sciences;
  • GIVEN the minutes of the Master Commission of 23 May 2016;
  • GIVEN the resolutions of the Academic Senate No. 28 of 31 May 2016
  • GIVEN the Decree of the Rector No. 162 of 31 May 2016 for the activation of the UNICAM Master programs, for the academic year 2016/17;


The International Two-Year Second level Master in “Aesthetic Medicine and Therapeutics” (class of Rome, in Italian language for frontal lectures and stage activities, in English language for e-learning)


Cosmetic medicine has of late become an important reality in medicine and in society at large. The culture of medicine of wellness, so pervasive in industrialized Western society, risks presenting consumers with inadequate or superficial information that often leads to “do it yourself” remedies that may be ineffective or even harmful.

In this context, advanced university formation provided by pre-eminent figures in the sector who work on an international or national level, would afford safeguards for consumers and offer the high level of quality that should be the ambition of a public university.
A unique characteristic of the Master, developed to meet the needs of working physicians, is its e- learning format for the theoretical part of the program. The face-to-face and practical parts of the formation will be conducted in a series of intensive internships coordinated in collaboration with the International Radio Medicine Center in Rome.


The Master provides high level formation of international and namely of European level for professionals who will work in their own studios, multspecialist centers, wellness centers, gyms, spas or hotel complexes with specialized sports and health and beauty facilities, as well as in companies that develop and manufacture products for the sector.


(Information about Master’s applications, course dates, requirements)

Camerino: Scuola di Scienze del Farmaco e dei Prodotti della Salute [School of Medicinal and Health Product Sciences], Centro Ricerche Cliniche, Telemedicina e Telefarmacia [Center for Clinical Research, Telemedicine and Telepharmacy]

Dr. Isabel Pirillo

tel. 0737-403326 and e-mail:

Rome (location of the face-to-face lessons): Fondazione Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (C.I.R.M., Itnetrnational Radiomedical Centre ),Via dell’Architettura 41, 00144 Roma

Mr. Raffaele Della Medaglia

tel. 06-5911116 and e-mail:


(information about application to the Master)

Ms. Alessandra Ciccarelli

Tel. 0737 402039

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